Calum Best Caught Having Sex With Strippers

Calum Best Caught Having Sex With Strippers

Calum Best is exposed today as a pathetic cocaine addict who gets his kicks from depraved orgies. In public, Calum loves to lap up the glamour at celebrity parties with Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan on his arm.

He made a beeline for $1,000-a-night hooker Casey James, 23, who works for an escort agency. She was with a Brazilian pal also a call girl. Calum who had slept with Casey before was invited back to Kensington’s Rockwell Hotel just after 3.30am where he helped himself to wine. Then he dropped his pants as the girls who used a rolled-up banknote to snort coke off a glass table simultaneously pleasured him.

Calum necked vodka and wine as he switched partners or romped with both. After nearly three hours the girls asked a complaining Calum to leave only for him to demand they should “learn some manners”.

Having sex with strippers is always fun, but when they kick you out of the room, then you know your being an asshole. All there job is to do is, have sex. How hard is that? So it seems Calum got some serious issues. I mean just keep banging Lindsay, shes the closes to a stripper he will get. And why pay for one when your going out with her. Idiot!

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