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Keira Knightley Gets Naked For Her Movie Silk And Gets Made Fun Of

Keira Knightley strips for her new film only to have her breasts belittled.

The 21-year-old star gets naked in new movie ‘Silk’ but her character’s husband says her breasts are “small” and “like a child’s”.

A source said: “For all the people excited to see Keira, yes, you do see her topless. She is nude in a couple of scenes, once during a love scene and another when she leans over her husband with her gown gaping open and he remarks that her breasts are small and like a little girl’s.”

Why would you in script tell a girl she has small boobies! Thats like the number one thing you dont want to say to a girl. Along with honey are you on your period or sorry I forgot to pull out. But seriously telling Keira Knightley she has small boobies. So what. Shes fucking hot. That writer for THAT movie needs to be shot. Here she is giving a lap dance in Domino!

Keira Knightley Lap Dance In Domino

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Marisa Miller Gets Naked For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Beyonce would be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s covergirl but I think that Marisa Miller was completely screwed this year. It was definitely her time to take the gold! I know it’s a music theme issue but how can you put Beyonce over a nude Marisa Miller with the Rolling Stones painted all over her perfect body. I just don’t get why Beyonce is on the cover. Its always been a swimsuit model that actually works for what they do. Another case of a rapper getting one up by just rapping. So pathetic.

Marisa Miller Itunes Video

More pictures of Marisa Miller at Sport Illustrated Swimsuit

More Girls from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2007

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Tara Reid Gets Mad Cause She Sucks In Bed And You Know About It

Tara Reid was furious when former lover Joe Francis who recently told the world she was terrible in bed tried to talk to her at a Grammys party.

Reid previously dated Francis (along with every other guy), the creator of adult film series ‘Girls Gone Wild’, and when he saw her at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hills Hilton on last Saturday night he approached her.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: “Tara tried to run in the other direction when she saw Joe, but he yelled, ‘Hey, Tara! Hey! Over here! Hi!’ “She turned round and said, ‘Get away from me! Never talk to me again!’ “

Francis recently told US radio DJ Howard Stern: “Tara is the worst in bed. I love Tara, but, honestly, she pretty much just lays there. And I had sex with her a lot. Paris Hilton is better in the sack than anyone else. She is amazing in bed.”

Joe is hilarious! I mean first he disses on Tara Reid and then tries to talk to her in person. I gotta give it to him, hes got some balls for banging all the hot girl celebrities. Hes a modern day Carson Daly. Remember when Carson banged everyone. Those were the glory days.

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Ivanka Trump Doesnt Want To Be A Slut Like Paris Hilton

Ivanka Trump swears up and down that she is not a “party kid” like hotel heiress Paris Hilton, and she has a few choice words for the socialite she is constantly compared to.

She said: “I work 13-hour days for my money. I bought my house from my father I have a mortgage, you know.”

As for being compared to Hilton, Trump says: “I think we are totally different individuals.”

“If I were to go off the rails and become this party kid, I would not be able to afford my lifestyle. I’ve never had a sense of entitlement. I saw how hard my father worked for his money and it was always made very clear to me that things wouldn’t just be given to me.”

I got one word for this! Bullshit. She bought her house from her dad and she has a mortgage? Go cry me a river. What are her monthly payments a $1.00 a month. Honestly I don’t buy the “look at me I am rich, but trying to live like I am poor!”

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Lydia Hearst Likes Being Naked, and Groped By Black Guys

You might think that a model like Lydia Hearst, who seems to spend much of her time getting naked, and being groped by Tyson would have more time on her hands to help the needy.

Hearst, a model and heiress to the Hearst family fortune worth over 5 Billion like I give a shit, designed a limited edition handbag for Puma. Because Puma is the new Prada. NOT.

She was doing a runway shoot with Tyson and she slipped into this bikini ordeal. So now its official when your rich you can get naked and still be famous!

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Paris Hilton Might Be Getting (Or Already Has) Bigger Boobies

Paris Hilton has a pair of magical inflatable boobs and we don’t know where they are coming from. As we all seen the sex tape below, she doesn’t have much. Shes HOT and dumb, what more can you ask for in a girl that has herpes.

Meanwhile the hotel heiress is all tied up in a revealing new photo she’s releasing as an invitation to her birthday party in Las Vegas this weekend.

The dumb blonde posed naked in a bondage-themed shot for the artwork on the official ticket to her 26th birthday party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Body English club on Saturday. I am gonna find those pictures and give them to you here!

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Carmen Electra Has A Problem Signing Nude Pictures of Herself

Carmen Electra doesn’t like signing nude pictures of herself and honestly we don’t know WHY! She been naked for years and now its a problem. And you thought Dennis Rodman was weird. Maybe he needs to get blown up near a Pokeman factory.

Miss Electra who has posed naked for Playboy magazine happily autographed pictures for fans as she left Hollywood restaurant Mr. Chow on Monday night but stopped signing when presented with a naked photograph of herself.

Carmen said: “I feel weird signing nude!”

Then she got in her car drove home and left the rest of the fans’ pictures unsigned. Doesn’t she realize these horny geeks are the ones that pay her bills. To see those huge tits!

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Katie Price (Jordan) Isnt Having Lots of Sex Like We Thought

Peter Andre will be getting some envious looks this morning after his wife Jordan told how they have cut back to ONLY having sex four or five times a week. In a Q&A accessible to her MySpace friends who sadly do include at least one of my team the model was asked how often her and Pete make love. She replied: “Having kids, we’ve probably cut down to four or five times a week.

“But not towards the end of my pregnancy with Junior, I felt like a beached whale!”

In fact that may be more of a sex life than before, as Jordan has previously stated: “When you’ve got kids it’s always a bit hard as one of them could walk in when you’ve just started.

“So we have to plan sex carefully.”

Jordan was also asked about further surgery on her huge boobs in the Q&A and replied: “I wanted a reduction last December but couldn’t find the time.

“I really want them done again. These implants have been in six or seven years now. They’re not saggy but I’ve noticed a drop and I want them perked up.”

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Heather Graham’s Lesbian Kiss With Bridget Moynahan its HOT!

Heather Graham’s lesbian kiss with Bridget Moynahan in her new movie Gray Matters. Just seeing this crap it was hot. Remember RollerGirl from Boogie Nights, well shes movie up in the world. Anal sex anyone??

In case you actually cared about RollerGirls talent as an actress. Here is the trailer for the movie Gray Matters. Like your really gonna click it.

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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape With Video Clips Showing Her…Pussy!

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Clips 1
Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Clips 2
Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Clips 3 BRAND NEW!!

The Kim Kardashian sex tape has long been denied to exist, but Kim’s protestations were never exactly credible. Well, now the site is reporting that the Kim Kardashian sex tape has been bought for $1 Million by Vivid Entertainment. Yes, that Vivid.

Also, there are reports of “Watersports” and other very raunchy activities, this is the type of stuff you talk about at Thanksgiving at Boston Market. We got THREE videos click the links above to watch them! The third video is rare and has yet to be scene anywhere, see it here FIRST.

Paris Hilton isn’t friends with Kim anymore, like we fucking care! Two porn stars just trying to outdo each other. Get a real job, but watching them fuck is fun. Would you agree?

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Scarlett Johansson Comes Around Half Naked With Justin Timberlake

Well, the music video you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. It’s Scarlett Johansson in Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around Comes Around,” and it’s over nine minutes long which is bullshit. Anyway, the song is all crap, it’s all about Scarlett Johansson.

She looks great in the video, and is pretty much half naked the whole time, so that’s a plus.

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