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Mariah Carey Braless Nips Thanksgiving grocery-shopping trip in Hawaii

Mariah Carey isn’t too big to do her own grocery shopping! The singer was spotted out and about at her local grocery store in Honolulu, Hawaii for Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 24, and she looked absolutely amazing!

Wearing a revealing white bodysuit paired with large diamond necklaces, skinny jeans and sky-high heels, Carey posed suggestively with a pair of pineapples and also for some tamer photos with fans.

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Mariah Carey White Bikini on a Yacht in Italy

Here is Mariah Carey wearing bikini top successfully held on for dear life as the singer climbed onto her boat off the coast of Italy.

Mariah and Miguel went swimming in the blue grotto, off the island of Capri, and hopped on a yacht after climbing out of the water. The duo have been spending time together since collaborating on the song “Beautiful,” which was released last month and is a track off Mariah’s highly anticipated 13th studio album.


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Mariah Carey Monster Cleavage At Christmas In Rockefeller

Mmmmm … I’d love me some Mariah !

Here is Mariah Carey glittering in a red and silver tulle dress as she took the stage in Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Tens of thousands of chilly spectators braved the near-freezing temperatures to watch the live performances of ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Center’ as the city celebrated the advent of the rundown to Christmas Day.

I’d be giving her a white sticky christmas all over those delicious big tits..

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Mariah Carey is Retarded

mariah carey emenim

Well I am sure most of you have heard Eminems song “Bagpipes from Baghdad” and know that it’s about Mariah Carey. Mariah and her faggy man Nick Cannon got all pissed so Mariah decided to write a song. The song is called “Obsessed”. Mariah was in New York two days ago shooting the video for it. She is trying to look like Eminem and it looks fucking retarded. I didnt know Em had black hair and a goatee. Fuck you Mariah.

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Nick Cannon is a Bitch

nick cannon crying

Nick Cannon seems to be very offended about what Eminem is saying about his wife, Mariah Carey, in his new song Bagpipes from Baghdad. Nick wrote in his blog that he was going to kick Eminems ass and that he is a washed up has been. Well let me just say that Nick you are a stright bitch and the only reason you are famous is because Nickelodeon hired you because they really needed a douchy black dude to make 10 year olds laugh.

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