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Miley Cyrus & her Dead Petz perform at the Wiltern Theatre

Here is Miley Cyrus starring the headlines for another head-turning performance in Los Angeles. This time, she brought in “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson to add more flavor to her already creative and sexy performance.

Seated behind a grand piano, Cyrus described the show as her response to a feeling that developed while she was on the road last year behind her album “Bangerz.” The singer’s job at that time was erasing her history as a Disney Channel star; “Bangerz” was self-consciously outrageous, full of in-your-face raunch and bumptious hip-hop beats.

Don’t smoke kids. Not good for your brain…

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Miley Cyrus Topless for Plastik Magazine

Here is Miley Cyrus showing topless for the cover of Plastik’s Winter 2016 issue, which had four limited edition covers featuring the star.

She went topless in the photograph, covering up with only a pair of pasties decorated in pale pink and brown like an ice cream sundae with hot fudge, as well as sprinkles.

The heart-shaped pasties were also topped with bright red cherries, and matched a coordinating eye patch.

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Miley Cyrus Amazing Stuff at the Tour Concert in Vancouver

Here is Miley Cyrus performing for Tour Concert in Vancouver.

About 3,000 fans got to participate in what felt like a rave inside a Party City stockroom last night – a psychedelic show complete with balloons, confetti, a dozen or so costume changes and one prosthetic penis. More on that later.

But Miley had more than sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll on her mind last night. Instead of taking the stage to an instrumental version of “Party In The U.S.A.” like she has at past shows, the singer walked out with Ian McAllister, the director and co-founder of conservation group Pacific Wild.

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Miley Cyrus Bared Her Pussy at Candy Magazine

Here is Miley Cyrus stripping down and baring it all for her raciest photo shoot yet for the cover of CANDY Magazine‘s latest issue.

If you’ve been feeling way too clean today and needed a reason to scrub penicillin powder onto your eyes with a Chore Boy, just picture Terry Richardson jacking off with one hand while NSFW taking pictures of Miley Cyrus sucking off a police baton with the other. As the glory hole cum stain Uncle Terry shot away, the edgy hillbilly chipmunk served up all sorts of poses like the “tasting my pit fur” pose and the “strung out hustler looking for a john” pose and the “self-sucking strap-on” pose. I have a feeling that the strap-on picture is going to be the Cyrus family holiday card this year.

Some of the photos feature Miley sticking her tongue into her hairy armpit, wearing absolutely nothing at all, smoking marijuana, and using adult toys.

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Miley Cyrus Flashes Nude at V Magazine

Here is Miley Cyrus posing completely naked while backstage at her MTV VMAs hosting gig, in new photos from V magazine’s December issue.

In the publication’s “Diary of a Dirty Hippie” feature, the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Laganja Estranja writes about Miley Cyrus’ debut of “Dooo It!” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, which featured the singer’s drag queen friends all sashaying down the stage in one colorful performance.

Alongside the short column, the magazine has also published a photo of Cyrus, 22, posing fully naked inside her dressing room that night — her ladyparts displayed in all of their glory.

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Miley Cyrus Stomach at the LGBT Gala Vanguard Awards 2015

Here is Miley Cyrus turning heads when she arrived at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s 46th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards, an event that honors gay rights activists, in LA.

“The first day that I got to visit you all is a day that I never will forget,” she said. “And that’s because given the opportunity to sit in one of the support groups I walked away with a feeling of self-love that I have never been able to even give myself before. Because, you know my life until that point, I was subconsciously convinced that I had to label myself. Because everything in our life has to have a name. Everything in our life is something but I’m not a thing. We’re not a thing. We’re humans with feelings that change just like this weather — which we’ve gotta do something about, and I’m not alone.”

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Miley Cyrus Booty Perform at James Franco’s Charity Bar Mitzvah

Here is Miley Cyrus arriving at James Franco’s bar Mitzvah before performing at Hilarity For Charity’s fourth annual variety show.

Many Jewish teens will set aside a portion of their bar and bat mitzvah loot for charitable contributions in the way of planting trees in Israel and saving the whales, but Saturday night’s party thrown by Hilarity for Charity to fete James Franco’s manhood (yes, he’s Jewish, and you can have a bar mitzvah at any point after the age of 13) raked in over 2 million dollars in donations to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Miley Cyrus Show Boobs & Lot of Costumes at 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Here is Miley Cyrus showing some skin during her hosting gig at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. she ignited a thousand think pieces with her antics, and since then, she’s become perhaps our most unfiltered pop star, for better and often for worse. She is a reliable generator of controversy, and a reliable generator of memes.

According to Billboard’s team in attendance at the VMAs, Cyrus showed both breasts in the Microsoft Theater — a full-on flash that was apparently blurred out on-screen, suggesting that producers were ready for the stunt. Cyrus soon returned on television to debut a new song from her surprise-released free album.

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Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover Her Nipples on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Here is Miley Cyrus, who regularly shares pictures of her boobs on her Instagram page to her 27.3 million followers, walking on to the Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC with just glittering heart-shaped pasties covering her breasts.

She is a very recognizable individual so we decided to have some fun with that by making her unrecognizable. We disguised her as an Australian reporter and sent her out on the street to ask people what they think about Miley Cyrus for a new edition of “I Witness News.”

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